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02-953 Warszawa
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About us

INTERLAB is well known Polish Test & Measurement equipment distributor based in Warsaw.


Our company was started in 1987 as R&D enterprise, but later evolved into sales business. Since 1991 we are representing many famous brands. We are leaders in Fusion Splicer (ERICSSON, Furukawa-FITEL), OTDR (ANDO-YOKOGAWA, AFL-NOYES) and Telecom Measurement market in Poland.

INTERLAB is well know as well for wide offer of Laboratory Instruments for research and development. Since 1991 we delivered over to 100 units of Yokogawa/ANDO OSA. Since 2006 we are delivering factory line of fusion splicers from Furukawa and R&D models of 3SAE products.
Since 2010 we are distributing in Poland lasers from NKT Photonics (KOHERAS) and now we are investing in laboratory market development on Bio-Imaging technologies like FLIM, OCT...  and in sensing solutions from LUNA.

We continue INTERLAB development both in FIELD and LAB market. Organization internal changes allowed to speed up science & research market penetration. Cooperation with new partners was started to complete INTERLAB offer

From the beginning of our activity, the area where we focused our efforts was the promotion, sale and service in Poland of electronic control and measurement equipment for the broadly understood telecommunications market.

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