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Epsilon.Sensor DFOS

Epsilon.Sensor is a highly precise tool designed for applications demanding high spatial resolution and strain measurement accuracy which can’t be achieved with any standard sensing cables. On the other hand the FlexRebar bend radius is relatively small and provides flexibility and ease of use same to optical cables.

Monitoring of concrete, soil structures, dams, foundations and bridges are the typical applications for highr resolution and long composite senors.
The innovative design allow for direct measurements of strains and displacements along the all sensor length. Specially selected composite material provides unique strain reading precision. There is no sensor influence on the structure itself as the EpsilonSensor stiffness is negligible.

Depending on desired strain spatial resolution the EpsilonSensors can be used with different interrogators (OFDR, OBR, Brilluoin). When used with interrogator based on Raman phenomenon it can be used for precise temperature measurement as well.

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Epsilon.Rebar DFOS

Epsilon.Rebar DFOS

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From the beginning of our activity, the area where we focused our efforts was the promotion, sale and service in Poland of electronic control and measurement equipment for the broadly understood telecommunications market.

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