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OS4300 Non-Metallic Temperature Sensors

The os4300 Non-metallic Temperature Sensors are housed within a sealed, alumina ceramic tube that are designed to make handling easy and sensor installation fast and repeatable. It is based on fiber Bragg grating (FBG) technology and since there are no epoxies holding the fiber to the tube, long term stability is ensured by design.

In side by side comparisons with conventional thermocouples, the os4300 is equally sensitive and accurate, while providing sub-second response time, wider operating range, no calibration, and no EMI noise. The os4300 temperature sensor is qualified for use in harsh environments and delivers the many advantages inherent to all FBG based sensors.

Three packaging options provide for installation that mimics that of conventional thermocouples with armored cables and protected connectors, and small sensors that provide the user with both installation flexibility and sub second thermal response.

This sensor can be used alone or in series as part of an FBG sensor array. Installation and cabling for such arrays is much less expensive and cumbersome than comparable electronic gage networks. With each sensor, Micron Optics provides a Sensor Information Sheet listing the calibration coefficients needed to convert wavelength information into temperature. Micron Optics’ ENLIGHT Sensing Software provides a utility to calculate and then record, display, and transmit data for large networks of sensors.

Key Features

Fast response time
Qualified to same rigorous standards used for comparable electronic gages.
Non-metallic construction Fast, simple, repeatable installation.
Armored fiber cable weldable package and rugged sensor package.
Connector protection fittings available for harsh environments.
Several package options for field applications.
Calibrated for high absolute accuracy.
Double ended design supports multiplexing of many sensors on one fiber Micron Optics’ patented micro opto-mechanical technology.
Included in ENLIGHT’s sensor templates - allows for quick and easy optical to mechanical conversions.


Structures (bridges, dams, tunnels, mines, buildings, oil platforms)
Energy (wind turbines, oil wells, pipelines, nuclear reactors, generators)
Transportation (railways, trains, roadways, specialty vehicles, cranes)
Marine vessels (hull, deck, cargo containers)
Aerospace (airframes, composite structures, wind tunnels, static and dynamic tests).


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