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OS9100 Optical Pressure Sensor

Luna’s os9100 are Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) based discrete static and dynamic pressure sensors. Featuring ultra-sensitive, low profile sensors that can be dispersed over up to 10km.

The os9100 features an all new approach to pressure sensing by utilizing FBG technology to measure minute changes in pressure, all while being able to pair with various physical parameters e.g. strain, temperature, displacement, acceleration.

Installation is simple and repeatable with selfadhesive affixed on the os9100. With pressure ranges of -3,000 to 13,000Pa and a resolution of down to 2Pa, the os9100 series presents a unique capability for sensor deployments. Up to 304 os9100 sensors can be integrated on Luna’s HYPERION platform.

The os9100 series of sensors is compatible with ENLIGHT Sensing Analysis Software, which provides an integrated suite of tools for data acquisition, computation and analysis of optical sensor networks as well as the HYPERION platforms comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) and examples written in LabVIEW, Python, Matlab, C++ and C#.

Key Features

Ease of installation simple and repeatable installation
Discrete, low profile, multipoint up to 304 sensors on a single HYPERION instrument
Dynamic and static 1 to 5kHz range
Multiparameter various physical parameters measurements coupled onto the same instrumentation platform
Long distance, with over 10km of coverage


Marine vessels


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